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About Eric Noevere

I ended up in North Carolina as a gun geek of some note after a long journey through a few countries and adventures. Without a lot of details here is a short history of myself.

As the result of a coin flip, according to my father, my parents ended up moving to Canada (U.S. was the other side) in 1950. My parents were Estonians and had fled their native land to Sweden ahead of the Russian invasion in 1944. I was born a few years after they arrived in Canada.

I like to teach: I started teaching Judo, a Japanese martial art at age fifteen. I became a Kata (prearranged forms) instructor doing this until I was twenty. My role helped people prepare for black belt examinations up to 4th degree. I would be their partner for the Kata and free form parts of the exam. Sailing was another activity I taught for a few years; during this time I did many long blue water passages. When I was involved in sailing, I ended up in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) mostly on a small Island called Virgin Gorda. My activities there included running charter sail boats, delivering sail and commercial vessels, operating a couple of restaurants. I met my wife Michelle (a Texan) on Virgin Gorda more years ago than I care to remember. We had two sons who are both making careers in Engineering. We moved to North Carolina in 1997.

After coming to North Carolina and settling in Merritt after a brief stint in Oriental, I was first an insurance salesman, then an EMT, EMT Paramedic, RN, Nurse Practitioner (2009), Firearms Instructor (2013). I still work as a Nurse Practitioner doing urgent care in a couple of locations on an as needed basis.  Guns and hunting were a part of my life when I was a teenager, not so much when I lived in the BVI where firearms are tightly restricted. After I moved to North Carolina I remembered how much I love to hunt. Since moving here, I got involved in pro 2nd amendment issues, writing a number of articles for the County Compass, one of the local papers .  I have built a few handguns and rifles, competing with some of these in local 3 gun and USPSA Matches. Competition is something I greatly enjoy and it has taught me a great deal. I compete against people who are top notch national shooters; many are current or past military and law enforcement. 

Teaching people to shoot, or shoot better, is something that I have a passion for. I want my students to leave my class feeling that they learned something valuable and useful.