Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Class

I want you to not only pass the shooting and legal portions of the course but feel prepared for the responsibilities that come with being a concealed carry holder. We will also discuss the application process.

You need to have your own handgun and be able to safely operate it. It is best to bring  the gun you plan to carry.

Unfamiliar with handguns? Take an NRA Basic class, see section on first page, discount if you take a Basic Class and Concealed Carry. 

Out of practice, do a Refresher Class first.   see section on first page!

Course Over view:

We will use :  “Concealed Carry Handgun Training “  course  as outlined by North Carolina Justice Academy, the book will be yours to keep. 

NC state law requires that the class room portion of the course be at least 8 hours, 2 of the these hours must be devoted to the legal aspects of concealed  carry and the use of deadly force. There will be much interactive discussion in class, and audio/visual material. This will hopefully be both informative and enjoyable there is a written test and safety quiz.

The shooting portion of the evaluation is in addition to the 8hr class session, also done same day. You must demonstrate safe gun handling at all times and be able to effectively engage a standard B 27 target at 3, 5, and 7 yards(relax its big), you will need a  minimum of 30 rounds ammunition.

On successful completion you will receive a certificate to take to your local sheriff's department.